To select the data file you can either paste the GitHub/GitLab file url from the browser, e.g.


or use the GitRows API style:


@namespace and :branch are optional and default to github and master, if you want to access a GitLab repository, use the gitlab namespace.

Which notation to use?

Although it’s easier for a simple query to just paste the url I strongly encourage the use of the API style. After you have initially set the namespace, owner, repository and/or branch either by calling a method with a path or by setting them with the options() method you can make subsequent calls by just providing directory/file:


The API style got it’s name from its use with the free GitRows API tool which allows you to query all public repos with a consistent api call:


Give it a try with our sample database from the basic use example: https://api.gitrows.com/@github/gitrows/data/iris.json If you are unsure about how a file url is translated into API style, you can use GitRow’s Linter and Converter Tool to check and translate repo and API paths respectively.