Getting Started

What is GitRows?

GitRows makes it easy to use and store data in GitHub and GitLab repos. You can read data stored in .csv and .json files from all public repos and read, create, update and delete data in public or private repos that you have access to, all with the benefit of version control. GitRows also supports basic .yaml file operations, mainly for reading and writing OpenAPI documents.

GitRows works with node and in any modern browser. Alternatively learn more how to use GitRows’ free API to integrate data into your websites/apps.


As a package for node use npm:

npm i gitrows

You can use GitRows in the browser by including gitrows.js or gitrows.min.js from the ./dist folder or using unpkg:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/gitrows@latest/dist/gitrows.min.js"></script>



// If you use GitRows as a module:
const Gitrows = require('gitrows');

// Init the GitRows client, you can provide options at this point, later or just run on the defaults
const gitrows = new Gitrows();

let path = '@github/gitrows/data/iris.json';

 .then( (data) => {
  //handle (Array/Object)data
 .catch( (error) => {
  //handle error, which has the format (Object){code:http_status_code,description='http_status_description'}